Culture And Linguistically Diverse Communities
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Events managed by us will

guarantee that your Company

is promoted to the right

audience, industries and

ethnic backgrounds


For Clubs, our aspiration is to present your Club as a foremost venue for social, community and commercial events in your local area.  We will showcase your Club’s extensive and stunning facilities and events to current members and introduce these features to a future generation of patrons. Many event attendees may not be aware of your current strong community involvement and the extensive services the club has to offer. They will be able to ascertain that your Club not only provides entertainment and services for the whole community but also support projects from specific cultural markets.
Your Prospective Events The positive experience after attending event(s) managed by CALD Events will encourage attendees, their families and associates to participate in proposed future events such as concerts, beauty pageants, balls, weddings and other life celebrations at your venue. The following provides a brief outline of planned projects we can host for you. • Concerts • Beauty Pageants • Balls and Discotheques • Charity Events • Monthly/weekly entertainment activities at Clubs:        - Weeknight Karaoke        - Card Tournament        - Bingo Night        - Grand Opening Promotional Staffs        - Many More