Culture And Linguistically Diverse Communities



C.A.L.D EVENTS (Culture And Linguistically Diverse Communities) is a private organisation providing event management to the general public.  It is operated by a young team of professionals with a diverse background and multi-cultural knowledge.. We provide the following flexible options to support your event: 1. C.A.L.D EVENTS contracted to run and manage your Event from start-up to end, in our own name. 2. C.A.L.D EVENTS contracted to run and manage your Event from start-up to end, on behalf of your Company.  3. C.A.L.D EVENTS contract to only provide specific event services to your Company.  These includes not not limited to the following: • Recruit staffs for the Event such as MC, Singers, floor staffs, technical sound/lighting staffs, promotional staffs etc; • Recruiting sponsorship from businesses for the Event; • Marketing for the Event; • Consultancy service for advice in running the event based on hourly rate or package rate; • Authorised payment agent; • Stage set-up and many more
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Our company has a strong interest in

running community events:

• To reconnect and engage younger generation back with their local community;  • To reduce generation gap; • Providing meaningful local events and entertainments for generations 1.5, 2 and 3

Our level of expertise includes:

• Hosting events for organisations or managed the event in our own name; • Experienced in event management for organisations and clubs; • Experienced in entertainment and large community events; • Has a strong knowledge of the local communities; • Has a large network and connections with groups and associations from different age groups; • Ability to galvanise professionals from different ethnic groups; • Culturally competent in dealing with individuals, families and community groups.  This is particularly important in the blending of Western and Asian cultures; • Promoting Sponsors through events organised.

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